Hemp Fest Oklahoma Speakers

*Please note: All speakers are subject to change

Vivian McPeak - Director of Seattle Hempfest

Additional Speakers

Kat Bohnsack
Mary Jayne Parties and Cannabis Author

Sharon Whitson
Seattle Hempfest Central Management

Max Baker
Cannabis Activist Oklahoma Promoter

Farmer Tom
Activist and Celebrated Farmer

Vivian McPeak - Director of the Seattle Hempfest

Vivian McPeak is a Seattle based social justice activist, media personality, and writer. Vivian is the president of Seattle Events, a Non-Profit Organization, and he is executive director of the Seattle HEMPFEST®, the world’s largest annual cannabis policy reform rally. The recipient of the High Times Magazine 2012 Lester Grinspoon Lifetime Achievement Award and DOPE Magazine 2016 Emery Award for lifetime achievement, Vivian has appeared on numerous television and cable news networks, including FOX News, CNN, & NBC. McPeak is the host of Hempresent, a weekly radio podcast on Cannabis Radio with listeners on multiple continents.

Ashley Heddy - BioTrack THC Director of Training

Ashley Heddy - BioTrack THC Director of Training

For years, Ashley Heddy has dedicated herself to the idea that the cannabis industry should be legal, transparent, and accessible to all. As the Director of Training for BioTrackTHC, Ashley has helped thousands of licensees in every active cannabis market to set up compliant workflows that adhere to their state’s unique rules and regulations.

Connie Johnson - Oklahoma Senator

Connie Johnson – Oklahoma Senator

Senator Connie Johnson recently retired after serving thirty-three years in the State Senate, representing Oklahoma City’s predominantly African American “Eastside,” where her focus on health, mental health and human services issues that disproportionately affect the economic and social well-being of the poor, minorities, women, children, and people with disabilities was game-changing.

Johnson made Oklahoma history as the first woman and African American to win the US Senate nomination of any major political party.  Her legislative efforts and reproductive health rights advocacy were featured on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show’s “Bro. Choice,” and helped lead to the defeat of Oklahoma’s “Personhood” Bill in 2012.  Read More About Connie >>

Patrick Saint - Founder of Twenty22Many

Patrick Saint – Twenty22Many Foundation

Patrick Seifert is a proud U.S. Marine Corp Veteran. He served his country during the first gulf war but was never in combat. Patrick’s PTSD was placed upon his shoulders at a very young age from sexual abuse. Prior to getting into Veteran and Medical Cannabis activism, Patrick taught Self Defense and worked in the Private Security Industry for most of his life.

Patrick was brought to Cannabis from early childhood use and ultimately a car accident that got him addicted to Pain Killers. In late 2011 when Patrick opened his Medical Cannabis shop he witnessed first hand exactly what this medicine did for him and his PTSD as well as the broken Veterans coming through is doors, both physically and mentally.   Read More About Patrick >>

Pete Holmes -City of Seattle Attorney

Pete Holmes - City of Seattle Attorney

Pete Holmes, now in his second term as Seattle City Attorney, is the only elected city attorney in Washington state. He supervises an office of about 100 lawyers and 85 legal professionals as Seattle’s misdemeanor prosecutor and, under the City Charter, has sole supervisory control of all of the City’s litigation.

Pete has been an outspoken critic of the War on Drugs, dismissing all pending marijuana possession cases upon taking office on Jan. 1, 2010, and declining to file any subsequent charges. The following year, he became a primary sponsor of Initiative 502, culminating in Washington’s historic 2012 vote to legalize, regulate and tax marijuana for adult use. He remains active in shaping Washington’s fledgling regulated marijuana industry.  Read More About Pete >>

David Rheins - Marijuana Business Association

David Rheins - Marijuana Business Association

David Rheins is founder of the Marijuana Business Association. Providing business intelligence, professional networking, and commercial opportunity for participants in the legal cannabis industry, the MJBA is the leading business organization in the fastest growing industry in America.

Founded in 2012, Seattle-based MJBA hosts cannabis industry trade events, professional education seminars and meetups in Washington, Oregon, Colorado, New York, Nevada and Massachusetts, and publishes the popular MJHeadlineNews on Facebook, MJNewsNetwork.com, and Marijuana Channel One on YouTube.  Read More About David >>

Ed Rosenthol - High Times Columnist

California horticulturist, author, publisher, and Cannabis grower known for his advocacy for the legalization of marijuana use. He served as a columnist for High Times Magazine during the 1980s and 1990s. He was arrested in 2002 for cultivation of cannabis by federal authorities, who do not recognize the authority of states to regulate the use of medical marijuana. He was convicted in federal court, but the conviction was overturned on appeal. Rosenthal was subsequently convicted again, but was not re-sentenced, since his original sentence had been completed. Rosenthal briefly attended Youngstown State University in Youngstown, Ohio.

Rosenthal has been active in promoting and developing policies of civil regulation for medicinal marijuana. With the passage of California’s pioneering Proposition 215 in 1996, which authorizes medicinal use of marijuana, he worked with the state and local governments to implement the delivery of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis to patients with a doctor’s recommendation to use marijuana. Rosenthal is also the author of numerous books about the cultivation of marijuana.

Cat Jeter - Founder at Deep Green Extracts

Cat Jeter - Deep Green Extracts

Grandma Cat Jeter, the founder at Deep Green Extracts, is a mother, grandmother, business woman, Cold War Army Veteran, world traveler, electoral candidate, and lifelong activist.  G’ma Cat wore many hats as an activist in the early years of medical cannabis in Washington state. Working as a compassionate grower, extractor, business consultant, accountant, community organizer in Tacoma, Washington, she found a pressing need for children’s access to pure, potent, quality-assured full plant cannabis oil. In 2010 she founded Deep Green Extracts, an exclusively full plant extraction company to support her commitment to providing pure, potent, always tested, full plant cannabis extracts for the medical cannabis community, at large, and children, in particular.  Read More About Cat >>

Matt 'Bubba' Berger

Matt ‘Bubba’ Berger is a consultant for legal cannabis growers and one of the original six Godfathers of the 92 OG Kush. From a tiny seed to developing new strains and a flourishing cannabis dispensary in Denver, Bubba has been instrumental in taking the cannabis business to new heights. The OG Kush is a strain of cannabis that changed the face of Cannabis for the past 26 years. Read More About Bubba >>

Timothy Edwards a.k.a. Tim-Me

Timothy Edwards a.k.a. Tim-Me is an entertainer, entrepreneur and advocate from Washington state. He is the founder of the cannabis saves lives tour and owner of 1Eternity.  He shares his unique story and personal testimony to help educate people about the medical benefits of cannabis and to help end cannabis prohibition.