Cat Jeter – Founder at Deep Green Extracts

Cat Jeter - Deep Green ExtractsGrandma Cat Jeter, the founder at Deep Green Extracts, is a mother, grandmother, business woman, Cold War Army Veteran, world traveler, electoral candidate, and lifelong activist.  G’ma Cat wore many hats as an activist in the early years of medical cannabis in Washington state. Working as a compassionate grower, extractor, business consultant, accountant, community organizer in Tacoma, Washington, she found a pressing need for children’s access to pure, potent, quality-assured full plant cannabis oil. In 2010 she founded Deep Green Extracts, an exclusively full plant extraction company to support her commitment to providing pure, potent, always tested, full plant cannabis extracts for the medical cannabis community, at large, and children, in particular.

Since that time, G’ma Cat has become an acknowledged compassionate healer, well versed in full plant therapy, various cannabinoid ratios, micro-dose therapy and frequently working interactively with physicians for best patient outcomes. These days, you’ll find G’ma Cat and her companion, Lucy the Canna-dog, representing Deep Green locally and attending Cannabis events nationwide. She is regularly invited to give public addresses and is recognized by the cannabis community for her expertise and generous sharing of that knowledge.